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How do you create a sustainability strategy?

The short answer: don't greenwash. The better answer: be transparent about impacts, demonstrate how you are managing material topics, engage with stakeholders and ensure due diligence.

These standards drive the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and should inspire any sustainability strategy.

How Andy can help

Andy is a certified GRI professional and a journalist who helps organisations avoid greenwashing. His focus is on communicating sustainability stories with integrity to employees, customers, business partners, NGOs, investors, governments, regulators and the next generation.



Oxygen Cities


Since 2013, Andy has produced the annual sustainabiity report for Knauf Insulation, a company with 6,000 employees in 40 countries.


Andy has written books for Abu Dhabi and Dubai airports and the European Commission.


Andy has created around 30 magazines for corporate clients including the luxury Jumeirah hotel company in Dubai.


Andy has produced white papers, speeches, presentations, media material, social posts, crisis comms, messaging and narratives for a wide range of companies and organisations.




Andy has edited and launched a range of consumer magazines in the Middle East including Destinations of the World News (focused on travel), Identity (interior design), What's On (entertainment), Living in the Gulf (family) and The Word (culture).


He has also written for publications around the world including Tatler, Elle, Harper's, The Telegraph, Portfolio. KLM's inflight magazine as well as Penthouse and Playboy.


Andy started his career as a reporter for UK newspapers before working on The Times of Malta and later becoming editor of the daily Independent.

Green Valley

About Andy Round

Andy has worked as a journalist in the UK, edited a daily newspaper in Malta and run a portfolio of magazines in the UAE. He's created more than
30 publications from scratch and his articles have been syndicated in over
20 countries. He knows a lot about engaging storytelling.


Andy also knows a lot about sustainability and corporate communications. He is a certified Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) professional who understands the importance of impacts, material topics, due diligence and stakeholder engagement.


Since 2013 he has been helping manufacturing and hospitality companies in Europe and Middle East create sustainability strategies and content. If you would like to discuss a project click the contact box below.


+971 52 189 7742

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