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22 countries in 24 months

The European Commission contracted Andy Round to explore Europe and write about his experiences. Dream job? Of course.

By Andy Round

High detailed political map of Europe.jpg

It’s December and I’m in Spain visiting the Madrid café where King Juan Carlos likes to eat fried eggs. A month later, I’m north of the Arctic Circle watching a couple get married in Sweden’s Ice Hotel (the bride wore thermal boots).


By February, I’m exploring a rainforest on the west coast of Ireland and in March, I fly east to Slovenia to learn about bears on Triglav Mountain.


Later in the year I commute from Latvia’s medieval forests to Vienna’s dancing horses and from Greece’s hidden villages to Lisbon’s soaring architecture.


Soon I was meeting Milan’s new fashionistas and being introduced to Germany’s secret islands. In Helsinki I discovered the capital’s edgy design district and in Prague came face to face with the city’s gruesome ghosts.


When the European Commission created the Europe – Whenever You’re Ready campaign, the aim was to increase tourism from Brazil, Russian, India and China by showcasing the diversity and richness of Europe in all its glory.


I was commissioned to produce the text, which was used for travel articles, marketing collateral and broken down into soundbites for social in each of the BRIC countries.


And, of course, it was an unforgettable experience, an incredible privilege.


Here are five articles from my favourite European places — just scroll right on the slider.




I know I did.

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