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How to craft sustainability communication messages

Communication comes in a range of flavours for a variety of audiences from crisis communications, internal awareness and social channels to media relations, thought leadership and reputation management. Here are some key sustainability considerations that must be embedded in all content.

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Understand your sustainability initiatives, context and goals


Understand how these initiatives and goals speak to specific audiences (do you need new research?).


Understand how these elements align with company values.


Understand the unique selling points of your company in terms of sustainability compared to the competition.

Understand how the company is making an impact with tangible data and quantifiable metrics.


Understand the positive stories that your company can use to illustrate sustainability commitments.


Understand that authenticity is key, so acknowledge setbacks and areas to improve.


Understand that audiences need straightforward stories not weighed down by jargon.


Understand that setting goals demonstrates commitment. Setting short-term as well as long-term goals demonstrates accountability.


Understand that different channels require different approaches.


Understand that feedback can help maximise the refinement of effective messaging.

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